The One Ab Exercise You Should Be Doing

When thinking about my personal ab routine or what I may give to my clients, I usually break it down by dynamic vs. isometric. You may ask, what’s the difference? Dynamic represents any abdominal exercise(s) where you would physically move through a range of motion in order to execute the exercise. Isometric exercises typically represent any position that can be held without changing the length of the muscles or joints while executing.

One of my go-to ab exercises is the ab roll outs which is very much isometric as well as dynamic.  This movement is amazing, and it will rip up your midsection in minutes!

Note that you can complete this exercise with an ab-dolly, sliders, a suspension trainer, or a stability ball.

To execute the exercise start with your knees on the ground in a quaduped position- on all fours. Next, place your forearms firmly on your sliding or rolling platform of choice. While still in a quadruped position, engage glutes, draw in your mid section, and brace your abdominals as hard as possible.

While maintaining proper mid section engagement from the step below, slowly lift your knees off the ground until you are in a prone plank position, then you will keep stiff you midsections and extend both arms away from the body then back towards your body’s proximity.

Depending on how strong your core may be will determine how far away you will be able to extend your arms. Keep working and in a couple weeks not only will you be able to do a ton of reps, extend your arms straight, but most of all you will be able to wash your workout gear on your washboard abs.

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