Author: Audrey Adams

John Wang: Coronavirus Fears are Breeding Racism Against Asian Americans

New York City is America’s ultimate melting pot. You can’t go a city block without sharing the sidewalk with people of every color.

But these days, being in the city of Lady Liberty feels not just unwelcoming, but scary, particularly if you happen to be Asian. Because of the linkage of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, to China, the disease has become associated with East Asians of any type, regardless of whether you have even the faintest possibility of being infected.

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ASE Beauty: Toxic vs. Clean Beauty

Millions of women in the U.S. search the internet or flock to their favorite store for the perfect red, lipstick. While their “mainstream” red lipstick may look perfect, they may not realize that perfection comes at a cost to their health; Madame Athena Chang, ASE Beauty Chief Education & Intelligence Officer; International Health and Wellness Expert and I talk about what could be in your lipstick.

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Dr. Pernessa Steele

One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Persons in the World and author of Stand Up To Stigma: How We Reject and Shame, Dr. Pernessa

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