Pack and Go!

You still have time to take a much needed break before summer ends and the end of the rest of the year begins. Whether you decide to get away for a weekend, a week or three months; unless you plan to stay home you can look forward to packing a suitcase with everything you will need to be reasonable comfortable and fashionable while on holiday. Did you say that you seem to take everything but the kitchen sink? That won’t work in these days of airport security measures and check in procedures. As a seasoned traveler, I take great pride in—never checking luggage and always traveling with one carry on and a small tote, regardless of the length of my stay. Packing light just makes sense.

Most people make the mistake of trying to take too much. Whether you are traveling on business or vacation… chances are that you will never see those people again; so why worry about having a completely different outfit for each day? Get creative by expanding your traveling wardrobe’s accessories instead of taking your entire closet.

But why take it from me? Here are a few packing tips from Samsonite™ that you might want to keep in mind while packing for your holiday:

  • Know the airline’s carry on limits to be sure that your bag will fit overhead. Nothing is worse than being forced to check and pay for your carry on because it exceeds allowable dimensions.
  • Be sure to check the weather conditions and pack accordingly.
  • Buy clothing in fabrics like knits and jerseys that don’t wrinkle easily to avoid having to iron or dry clean while traveling. If you must, check to see if the hotel offers laundry services.
  • Plan your clothing needs for each day and coordinate outfits around a central color scheme; mix and match for maximum versatility… plan on layering to provide extra warmth if necessary.
  • Eliminate packing unnecessary items like bulky robes and toiletries that are provided by the hotel.
  • Buy travel size plastic containers/bottles to fill with any liquid toiletries that you absolutely must have and fill less than full… the contents might expand en-route. Place bottles in a zip locked freezer bag to protect your clothing.
  • Utilize every inch of space. Pack your underwear, socks and accessories inside your shoes; this will also help shoes keep their shape.
  • Store essential items in a removable laundry bag, toiletry kit and shoe bag for an even more organized suitcase. Leave non-essentials at home.

I have another rule that I adhere to: Whatever doesn’t fit in the bag… stays behind. So far, I have not ever regretted leaving anything, in fact; traveling light gives me more time to enjoy my trip. When the excursion comes to an end, unpacking is a breeze! Pack and go… it’s easy. Think about it. See you next week.

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