Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

In honor of Mother’s Day (and in tribute to the rest of you who take better care of everyone else, but yourself), I have a few prescriptions for pampering. For those of you reading this who want to give your mom a gift, there are also a few ideas to inspire you.

Moms, indulge yourself! This Sunday you will be presented with gifts from family and friends in honor of your role as “the mommy.” Each gift will be well intended and appreciated so be thankful. However there are a few things that only you can do for yourself and why not take the opportunity to “cut loose” for bit? The prescription is a simple one:

  • Do not be afraid to buy yourself a gift. You deserve it, and besides, it will probably be the only gift guaranteed to be the one you wanted!
  • Take a mini vacation by yourself. Chill out at a local bed and breakfast or upscale hotel for a weekend get-away from the kids and hubby. Or if you haven’t seen family or friends who live out of town in a while, visit them—just don’t stay at their homes. Stay in a nearby hotel or spa and just come into town to sit with them for a few minutes; then go back to your hotel/spa for more relaxation.
  • Reconnect with yourself. Think back to what you said you wanted to be “when you grew up!” Are you that person? If you are not; but you’re happy because you found another direction in your life, then great . . . But if you aren’t happy, maybe you might want to re-trace your steps to discover where you went “astray” and try to get back on track.

Children, only you know your mom. Some food for thought…

  • Ask your mom what she wants! Don’t just give her what you feel she needs, give her what she wants and can really use and appreciate.
  • Encourage mom to put herself first for a change. Suggest that she treat herself to something special —in addition to whatever it is you give her.
  • Her cooking may be great, but if she has to cook on Mother’s Day . . . shame on you!
  • Dads, she might not be your mother, but she gave birth to your children. Your children take their cues from you, so take them with you to select cards and gifts for their mom and yours! You’ll get your turn next month.
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