Calling All Moms!

It’s your turn to rally the troops. In case you have somehow forgotten, Father’s Day is just around the corner, June 19 to be precise! Most men feel that Father’s Day doesn’t have quite the same emotional impact that Mother’s Day has and so this is your opportunity to prove them wrong. I realize that not all children have a father who is part of their life, or part of the family unit for that matter. For them and for you Mom, my heart aches. If you have had to be both mother and father to your children, you have my respect and admiration. But there are men — Single Father’s and traditional stand-up guys who are good father’s and they should be acknowledged.

Start by honoring your own father (if you were blessed to have him in your life), then help your children (young or old) them to express their love and appreciation to their dad in very thoughtful ways. It’s easy to run out and buy him his favorite cologne and after shave, socks, a tie, shirts, cufflinks or a sweater; but take on the challenge of finding that really special something that will surprise him. Here are a few ideas . . .

Think about starting his day with a time honored tradition: Breakfast in bed! That’s right, Dad would love it if instead of wondering what’s for breakfast, it’s served to him before his feet even touch the floor in the morning. Be sure to enlist the children in creating the menu, preparing the meal and setting the tray; and don’t forget a single flower in a small bud vase for a touch of mushiness . . . he’ll like it too.

Is he a weekend athlete? If he plays tennis, is a biker or golfer, how about a few classes with a pro to help him improve his technique? Is there a special piece of equipment that he has his sight set on buying? Would he enjoy tickets to a sporting event? Private sessions with a personal trainer to improve his physical condition are a good idea, that way maybe he will avoid injuries that affect most “weekend warriors.”

What are his hobbies? Is he an artist, musician? Think about giving him the gift of a class to help him expand his creative side. Is there a gallery that he would like to visit or a concert he wants to go to? Have one of his favorite paintings, collages or sculptures framed or mounted for display or encourage him to have a small exhibit of his art at home or a jazz session; and invite family, friends and neighbors to attend. Everyone could pitch in to create the invitations and cater his debut!

Commemorate a special moment with the children. It is just as simple as it sounds, frame a picture! Search through family photographs to find one that brings back poignant memories; maybe it was the birth of a child and Dad holding the baby in his arms for the first time. Was he frolicking with the children on the playground, at the beach, in the living room floor? Did you attend an event as a family and someone took a picture that was really nice? Maybe he caught a big fish or scored the winning point while playing baseball, football, basketball; any moment of glory is good.

Does he collect anything? I have a friend who collects elephants! Another collects baseball caps, still another finds old fishing lures interesting. If he is a collector, then do a little research on the subject and look for an unusual addition to add to his assortment of items. If you have difficulty finding an item, consider a book that is the definitive guide to help him identify his treasures.

If all else fails, give him complete control of the television remote for an entire week! You can call that gift one of offer and compromise. He might not be your father, but you owe it to your children to set a good example. Don’t forget, it is the thought that counts and he’s worth it to you and your children. Think about it.


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