The Fourth of July weekend, is a time to celebrate our country’s independence and to get together with family and friends to enjoy some good barbecue and fireworks. I ask you though, to consider celebrating this weekend in a different way— How about declaring and reaffirming your personal independence instead, by taking this time to celebrate all of the successes in your life. Can’t think of any? Nonsense! There are a million reasons to celebrate you. I’m talking about really appreciating who you are at whatever point you have arrived at in your life. And yes, it is hard to realize just how far you have come sometimes. Realizing that you still have quite a way to go is a plus. There are always reasons though, to find something to celebrate. Use a celebration as a reminder of a significant achievement; but what qualifies as a significant achievement in your life is up to you. Make the decision to be determined to be the independent spirit that you are by laying claim to your right to be. So, if you are having difficulty coming up with reasons to celebrate, here’s a start . . .

Celebrate the spirit of your ancestors; this country was built on their backs. Celebrate your strength in the face of adversity. Celebrate your new job or your entrepreneurial spirit. Celebrate your sobriety. Celebrate the purchase of home. Celebrate earning your GED. Celebrate graduating from high school. Celebrate your acceptance to college. Celebrate graduating from college. Celebrate all the people who helped you attend school. Celebrate your good health. Celebrate your determination to improve your health. Celebrate all the highs and lows in your life. Celebrate the possibility of improving your life. Celebrate your loved ones. Celebrate your capacity to love and be loved. Celebrate your newfound ability to . . . do anything. Celebrate your intention to learn to . . . do something new. Celebrate expanding your horizons. Celebrate the contributions you make to improve life for others. Celebrate your uniqueness. Celebrate your attributes. Celebrate your strengths. Celebrate your resolve to overcome your weaknesses. Celebrate your talents. Celebrate your relationships. Celebrate your friendships. Okay . . . Celebrate your weight loss. Celebrate your love of exercise. Celebrate making the decision to love and honor yourself. Celebrate sticking to that decision. Celebrate saving money. Celebrate investing that money wisely. Celebrate your dreams. Celebrate your aspirations. Celebrate you. Celebrate your appreciation for all that you are. Celebrate your appreciation for all that you can become. Create and wave your flag! Celebrate your life! This country would not be great without you. Why? Because it takes all of “you.” Celebrate your independence! Think about it. See you next week.

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