Cost of Salary Parity for Early Education Teachers “Fair Day Wage for Fair Day’s Work”

A year long research study by the Day Care Council of New York (DCCNY) found that certified early childhood teachers make $17,168 less than teachers employed by the New York City Department of Education (DOE). Joining me with information about the results of the study, the Executive Director of DCCNY, Andrea Anthony. DCCNY’s research estimates that it will cost $83 million to immediately bring equally qualified certified teachers and directors working in community-based organizations (CBOs), both unionized and non-unionized, up to the same salaries as their counterparts in the DOE. Such a change will lessen the difficulty nonprofits now experience in recruiting and retaining certified teachers. “Our member agencies have informed us that they are dealing with highturnover rates among their certified teachers,” said Andrea Anthony, executive director of DCCNY. “We conducted a preliminary review of turnover rates among teachers in 2016 and found that 51% of our members had lost a certified teacher in the past 24 months. Our most recent survey in 2018 showed that 73.5% of all agencies had a certified teacher vacancy in the past 12 months.”

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