Deliver on your goals through diversification

So much talk, not enough action.

We see it all the time. Yet, those who are considered non-committal or called worse like “all over the place” or “scatterbrained” (sometimes even glorified as the “multi-hyphenate”) are the smartest and most driven people I know.

When you have multiple interests, you have countless skills and diverse experiences that could never have been taught or acquired by staying confined in a box or a singular role. The breadth of your experiences are valuable and finally, a new conversation is opening around the importance of “diversification”— not just with gender and race, but finally the diversification of interests and abilities. It’s the only way to deliver.

On Monday, I was asked to sit in conversation with Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club for a keynote talk to launch the new Chase x Google Labs partnership. Sandra Garcia Lowery moderated beautifully and brought the real deal questions. It was designed to be a girl talk about our journeys and experiences as women in business defying the odds, but also about the importance of embracing digital, leveraging innovation, our education and diverse backgrounds which have led us both into careers and industries that may seem atypical, but that we are both winning at as both entrepreneurs and investors of brands and businesses that most think are unlikely given what we are known for most.

Personal development, education, certifications, courses like The Path Redefined, real estate, speaking, brand deals, ambassadorship, Angela’s business, Drink Fresh Juice, wellness, radio, media, we’ve done it all. And we like it that way! Not because we’re confused, but because we’re capable. And, truth be told, there’s no wealth building strategy I’ve seen work successfully that isn’t diversified! Ever. Period.

Multiple revenue and income streams are the product of multiple knowledge bases. That’s priceless if you can harness it and express it fully with a confidence that every avenue explored is reflective of the flow and perspective with which you move through the world of business and in life. It’s how you are truly able to deliver and stand out..

Diversification is not designed to hold you back. Let’s make you the leaderof how to package the multitude of your interests into that platinum package that helps you reach your goals!

You’re worthy of everything you want. Let’s get it.



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