Why Does My Weight Keep Fluctuating?

Nothing is more frustrating than putting all efforts into losing a few inches, then we roll out of bed and on to the scale and nothing happens. Don’t worry you are not alone, and you are also not the only one who unknowingly could be reading the situation completely wrong! Weight can fluctuate daily due to the amount of fluid we retain. Foods high in sodium, menstrual cycles, medications and lack of bowel movements can increase fluid retention which can skew your weight. The good thing about working out, is that with consistency, over time the real story gets revealed and the progress will show.

When measuring progress, I like going about it by assessing progress in a few different ways. For me, the inches lost, energy levels, strength increase, the fitting of clothing, or body fat measurements, all used collectively will give a realistic picture of where you are in your journey.

Weighing yourself at least once a week will help keep you in check so that proper adjustments can be made too. To minimize fluctuations follow these tips :

  1. Wear similar clothing before each weigh in
  2. Stay consistent with the scale that you use
  3. Maintain similar eating and drinking habits prior to weigh in
  4. Be aware of relying heavily on monday weigh-ins, as they tend to be offsetting because of poor eating habits and lack of tracking ​​ from the weekend prior.

Fluctuations can happen due to many factors, but keeping your eye on the prize and being realistic about the comitment to journey will always help you stay away from any distractions during the process.

If you are having trouble with your weight loss program. Please feel free to reach out for your in person or virtual consultation.


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