What’s your health goal?

What’s your health goal? Actually, what’s your life goal and how can being healthy make that better?

The answers are endless, because we want it all – strength, tone, endurance, vanity, blood results on our annual physical that make our doctor proud. There’s no magic pill, solution or app that’s going to make us the healthiest, strongest versions of our best self. They help in the process and provide a system of accountability, especially apps like ours that help to track your progress and activity in conjunction with exercise tutorials.

We work for it every day, inside and outside the gym, and you have to also if you want the results that have you swooning over materially altered images on social media, or your buddy in the office who looked out of shape but just did a triathlon! Yes, our bodies grow accustomed to certain physical routines and diets over time, that’s why it’s important to work with a personal trainer who can work with you on the components of physical fitness, supplements and nutrition into a plan that is developed to really work for you and the issues you’re prone to. Continuously doing the same exercises, with the same weights, reps and maintaining a cardio routine of consistent intensity and duration, will definitely make you feel personally ambitious, but not physically accomplished. Results are created through change that challenges your body. There’s no magical solution, and even if you thought you’d found one, how long would it last? The reality is that our health goals change during our lifetime based on a variety of factors, though if we are aware of what’s best for our body, and how to address the areas that are holding us back from being better where it matters to us most, we can all really #BeExceptional

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