Think Twice Before Purchasing Supplements

We are now in generation fit, where everyone and their mother, father, aunt, brother, sister, and cousins are looking to get help getting healthy. When the suns a blazing and pool parties start happening, we are willing to try anything to look good. We work out, we diet, we cleanse, we contour, and in some form or fashion, we look to supplements such as multivitamins, fat burners, and/or protein shakes to aid the process.

I personally advocate for the use of supplements in conjunction with a balanced, wholesome diet and fitness program/regime, but please don’t be naieeve,all supplements are created equal. The process of selecting the right product can be difficult, but there are a few ways that you can make it a few notches easier.


Stay away from companies that promise miracles on their website, in commercials or advertisements, or in in‐store promotions. Examples would be the many “promises” to make you smarter or thinner, to keep you young, to increase or decrease the size of various body parts, and so forth. Manipulation of statistics or intentionally distorting research findings in an attempt to mislead you is purely unethical and powered by marketing and typically not backed by science.

Lastly, look for the misspelling of terms; confusion of milligrams, grams, and micrograms; and omission on labels of important or required information are all clear indicators of the manufacturer’s ignorance and negligence.


Use resources that analyze and confirm supplement content, dose, and purity. A search on PubMed ( can lead you to this information.

Look for the U.S. Pharmacopeia (usp) logo (usp verification mark) on supplement labels. the mark certifies that the usp has found the ingredients consistent with those stated on the label; that the supplement has been manufactured in a safe, sanitary, controlled facility; and that the product dissolves or disintegrates to release nutrients in the body. (however note that the usp does not test the supplement efficacy.)


Want to know how easy it is to obtain information about the product? Before your purchase, look for a phone number on the label so you can call with questions or report side effects. On websites, look for a domestic address and phone number, in addition to email contact. What type of response do you get from a knowledgeable company, or is the only person available someone who reads a scripted response?  If you’re shopping online, but are uncertain the supplement is right for you, check the web retailer’s return policy. A web retailer that also has a brick‐and‐mortar outlet near your locale may be preferable.

Lastly, having access to a professional so that important questions can be asked about supplements is always a great tool as well. If you have any questions or are ready to simply start a new health journey that separates yourself away from the average doer and consumer, book your fitness consultation now!

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