Author: Guy Trammell Jr. and Amy Miller

How We Began Color Us Connected

In this column, a black man from Alabama and a white woman from Maine each write from their own perspectives about the same topic. Here’s how it all started…

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Voting Laws in Maine and Alabama Different Turnouts

We can all agree on this: the right and responsibility to vote. Voting stirs many thoughts and emotions. It is an appropriate “Rite of Passage” for the teens, who can finally voice their opinion in elections. For others it is a “civic duty.” In Tuskegee, discrimination made voting a clarion call to battle.

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Guy comes to Maine and expands the ‘lasso of love’

We write about Guy’s week-long visit to the Marshwood School District in South Berwick and Eliot, Maine in May. The mission was to present African-American history to five South Berwick schools in five days, and with an incredible out-pouring of effort, planning and resources, it actually took place. I can only I can only say, Wow!

This was my second time in Maine, and the only familiar territory was the wonderful Great Works School. I was able to surf through the week on wave after wave of support from wonderful and enthusiastic Marshwood teachers and staff. We waded kindergarten to 12th grade children through a variety of history.

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