Author: Audrey Adams

Ruth Hunt – Genealogist

Genealogist, Ruth Hunt was inspired by Alex Haley and went in search of her family history. She now inspires and helps others to start the process of searching their own lineage. Ruth shares  her journey and has some tips to help you get started.

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Move over New York City, because I have found another “City that never sleeps” and it floats too, although it’s not an island! It’s the

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Sun Sense

This week I want to talk a bit about protecting the one major organ that protects all the other organs in your body… your skin!

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Self Awareness

This is a gentle reminder, from me to you, to take care of yourself. It may sound like a very simple concept: Taking care of

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Travel Lite!

Traveling is tough these days. Restrictions, security checks, flight delays and other inconveniences have taken the joy out of what many have considered to be

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