What’s your health goal?

What’s your health goal? Actually, what’s your life goal and how can being healthy make that better? The answers are endless, because we want it all – strength, tone, endurance, vanity, blood results on our annual physical that make our doctor proud. T ...

Harvey Sandy House Daytime

A Beautiful Historic Home Restoration

In the town where Booker T. Washington and Dr. George Washington Carver flourished, Rosa Parks was born and the Tuskegee Airmen thrived, there is even more history to appreciate.  Just meander down South Main Street and see the vestiges of a bygone e ...


Harris Barrett School

History came full circle when descendants of Julius Rosenwald met a granddaughter of Harris Barrett. Julius Rosenwald was born in 1862 while Abraham Lincoln was president. Rosenwald was the son of German immigrants. He dropped out of high school to apprentice with his uncles who were major clothing manufacturers in New York City. By the time he was 30, he had his own business specializing in ready-to-wear men’s suits.

Sign in Tuskegee a week before special election of Doug Jones in 2017

Voting Laws in Maine and Alabama Different Turnouts

We can all agree on this: the right and responsibility to vote. Voting stirs many thoughts and emotions. It is an appropriate “Rite of Passage” for the teens, who can finally voice their opinion in elections. For others it is a “civic duty.” In Tuskegee, discrimination made voting a clarion call to battle.


Want To Be Great?

The pressure to succeed is real. Whether we admit it or not, we want most of the things we tell others that we don’t care about. There is often a feeling of uncertainty that comes along with not knowing if you can or will accomplish the things that we de ...


The Biggest Gift

Life moves fast. At times, life feels as though it’s moving so fast that routine and commitments take over each and every would-be spare moment, making it impossible to chase our dreams. Time is that luxury that we must take advantage of every chance ...

Fitness workout concept

Why Morning Motivation Matters

That whole #MondayMotivation is real. Now, imagine feeling that motivated, invigorated and fortified every morning… #MorningMotivation here we come!!! How much stronger, more confident, and productive would you be? If you started your morning on a forti ...


There’s Always More

In life, the definition of success is all relative. More specifically, success is relative to what your competitive landscape looks like. Success is solely determined by your personal goals, past experiences, network of peers, and how you decide to weigh ...