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    Kimberly Jenkins-Snodgrass: My son is not a murderer!


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Each month on TALK! with AUDREY, I recognize an individual for using perseverance, innovation and the power of creative thinking to achieve their goal.

September 2009, belongs to KIMBERLY JENKINS-SNODGRASS, her son KK was convicted of murder two years ago and sentenced to 35 years in a maximum security prison in Virginia. Kimberly believes he was a pre-selected suspect and since his conviction, she has spent all of her free time working to prove his innocence, hiring a private investigator, outside forensic teams, a new lawyer and even enlisting the aid of friends and family. What makes her special? Determined to generate awareness of her son’s story, she agreed to be featured in an episode of WE TV’s Secret Lives of Women: Mother's of Murderer's.

As for her "secret life" she says, “My secret is only a secret to people who don’t know me and my family. They have no idea because I rely on my unwavering faith to strengthen and motivate me to do all I can to see that my son, KK, and who was convicted of a crime he did not commit, is exonerated and released from prison.”

For more information about the case Kimberly Jenkins-Snodgrass has set up a webpage for her son KEVIN SNODGRASS (KK) the address is www. Myspace.com/freekk81.

In addition, Joyce Ann Brown, (who was wrongfully convicted of murder and exonerated) founder of Mothers (Fathers) for the Advancement of Social Systems Inc. (MASS) has launched a legal defense fund for KK. For more information about the case or If you are interested in contributing to KK's legal defense fund, mail tax deductible donations to MASS Inc., c/o Kevin D. Snodgrass Jr., Legal Defense Fund, 3737 Atlanta Street, Dallas, TX 75215.

Upcoming air date for WE TV’s Secret Lives of Women: Mother’s of Murderer’s:

  • Tuesday, December 22, at 3:00 P.M. EST — 8 Central

Visit WETV.com for your local listings.

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