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TED BELL: New York Times Best-Selling Author of WARLORD

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This week on TALK! with AUDREY : Joining me this week is New York Times best-selling author TED BELL to talk about his latest thriller WARLORD, the sixth in the spy adventure series featuring counter terrorist ALEX HAWKE.

In WARLORD, counterterrorist operative Alex Hawke is embroiled in an assassination plot against the Royal Family while hunting down a lost nuke in the mountains of Taliban and al-Qaeda infested Afghanistan.

Hawke has all but given up on life. He lost the woman he loved on his last mission, almost a year ago, and he’s been seeking refuge at the bottle of a rum bottle. But His Royal Highness Prince Charles, an old friend, calls on Hawke for help when Charles receives a threat against the lives of his two sons. The threat is signed with the same signature as a suspicious note found in an old book that once belonged to Charles’s godfather—Lord Mountbatten—the beloved family patriarch who was assassinated 30 years prior.

While investigating the death threat, Hawke is tasked to find a way to lock down Pakistan’s nuclear weapon storage facilities. A new terrorist group, “Sword of Allah” has plans to infiltrate and put sleepers inside the arsenal storage facilities at Islamabad. But when Hawke and his team arrive in Pakistan, they learn a nuke has already been stolen from one of the facilities and is in the hands of the most powerful terrorist warlords in the region.

Hawke and his team must race high into the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan to chase down the loose nuke before it finds its way out of the country and into the heart of America.

Photos: Courtesy of  Ted Bell (Credit: Hugo Tillman) and William Morrow. Subject to copyright.

Visit: www.tedbellbooks.com




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