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LISI HARRISON : Author of The New York Times Best-Selling MONSTER HIGH

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This week on TALK! with AUDREY : Joining me this week is New York Times best-selling author LISI HARRISON. Her latest book MONSTER HIGH brings her wry humor and trademark wit to an engaging novel that’s a fresh twist on romance, teen angst and the challenges of fitting in. What I originally thought was a wonderful book for teens has a number of messages in it for us grown-ups as well!

Lisi Harrison’s work has been called "Like Sartre with lip gloss” by Time magazine and she has been profiled by 20/20 for her remarkable ability to tap into the minds of today’s teens. For twelve years, she worked at MTV and worked her way up to Head Writer and then, Senior Director of Development. While still working in MTV, she began writing her Clique series which has sold over 8 million copies, has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 200 weeks, and had ten titles from the series hit #1, in addition to her bestselling Alphas series.

In MONSTER HIGH readers meet “Frankie Stein” a typical teenager who happens to have mint-green skin and a body that is sewn together with stitches and runs on a battery. Frankie was just created 15 days ago by… you guessed it― the son of Frankenstein himself. Frankie may have a monstrous family history, but her horrors really begin when she enters the terrors of high school! People freak out over Frankie's green skin instead of noticing her voltage fashion sense. And then she meets Melody Carver, a “normie” whose only monster quality is the recent rhinoplasty she had done on her new Jessica Biel-like nose. Melody has never been "the pretty one" before, and she feels like a fraud...until she meets Jackson. But is her new crush hiding something too?

With a cast of characters that include the fashionable teenage descendents of the world’s most famous monsters, Melody and Frankie try to put the chic in freak. But are the normies at Merston High ready for a makeover? Fitting in is out and freaky just got fabulous!

VISIT: www.lisiharrison.com






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