Pantene Relaxed and Natural Launches
Academy of Science and Style and Hair-Topia Tour

I don't believe that there is a woman on Earth who hasn't heard of Pantene or even a woman in the world who hasn't used at least one Procter and Gamble product.

Aside from creating everything from diapers to laundry detergent, they are also well known for everything anyone might need to care for their hair. And now along with new product innovations in hair care Pantene has gone "virtual" to reach even more women.

Yes, Pantene® Relaxed and Natural has created a first-ever Academy of Science and Style. It is an on-line resource of lifestyle and beauty information to provide current insights, expanded resources and new solutions to meet the health, beauty, lifestyle and product information needs of African-American women. But that's not all, The Academy also boasts a distinguished council of African-American women who are experts in their respective fields who meet to discuss our beauty image, influences and identify common "hair" myths.

Chiquita White, manager of Pantene Research and Product Development for North America, who also serves as Academy chair, said, "At Pantene, we like to let every woman figure out how she wants to wear her hair and figure out the best way to make it beautiful. Our Pantene® Relaxed and Natural is designed so that, whether you wear your hair relaxed or natural, you are able to achieve the style you want and have beautiful, healthy hair." To that end, Pantene is also partnering with The North American Hair Research Society to launch the first-ever intensive study on CCC Alopecia, which is the most common type of scarring alopecia found in African-American women.

If reality is your choice, then look for Pantene® Relaxed and Natural's tour of Hair-Topia, a pre-eminent hair show featuring an exciting runway show of upcoming hair trends and hair styling competition. The tour will make stops in Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago from February to May of this year. One aspect of the tour is a cultural exhibit featuring the history of African-American hair care including unique hair care artifacts, such as antique hair irons, some from the 1800's. Attendees will also be asked to share their personal Hair Stories for possible inclusion on Pantene's web-site. Spoken word artists will recite vivid passages from author Michael Cunningham's book, Queens: Portraits of Black Women and Their Fabulous Hair amidst stunning images from the book on display. Visit Pantene® Relaxed & Natural's Web site at for information about the Hair-Topia tour, Academy Council, the Alopecia field study, to share your own personal hair story or to just find out what's going on! (Select hair stories will be posted on the site.)

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